Note by note, silence by silence, I write a story about myself..

Albert Oliveres
Un detall del concert de presentació de Festina Lente

My inspiration

Sharing life, memories and moments is what makes our existence wonderful. In spite of this, everybody needs moments on their own, to solitude-ise ourselves and enjoy our own essence. I make the most of these moments by playing the piano and explaining to myself what I have lived and felt

Playing without any ambition or judgement is what makes me relax and arrange my ideas, and express myself with honesty. Some of these therapeutic sessions give rise to melodies which, for some unknown reason, give me something I want to feel again: these are the ones that finally become a song

Public del concert de presentació de Festina Lente

My music

A gesture, a glance, a word, a melody. There are many ways of expressing an idea. In my case, music is the language that allows me to best express my feelings and put across experiences and emotions which I wouldn’t know how to express otherwise. Note by note, rest by rest, I write a story about myself. That is why my solo project is a reflection of my way of being: simple, modest and hopeful, with an optimistic backdrop, always.

sobreMi 03

Beyond music

Although music takes up an enormous space in my life, I have always had the teacher’s calling. That is why I started to work as a piano teacher, job which I am crazy about and with which I learn every day. I am currently working in L’Antàrtida, in Sarrià. I share the school’s philosophy and the way they convey their love for music.

Moreover, my curiosity for theory and concepts has brought me to study music from the framework of the social sciences. That is why I studied Ethnomusicology, a degree in which the studies in music theory are combined with anthropology and sociology, in order to try to understand music as a social phenomenon.

To Ethnomusicology I added studies in Philosophy, a discipline that furnishes me with a disposition to reflect and to think critically which I am not willing to give up.


Keyboard player
La Golden Beat manage to create an easy-going and festive atmosphere wherever they go. Their funk, soul and disco covers make everyone jig: from the great classics from Stevie Wonder, Donna Summer, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin to great modern songs by Daft Punk, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé and Kylie Minogue, amongst others. An energetic and fun performance suitable for all ages.


2010 - actualitat
Keyboard player
Formed in 1999, Costo Rico is considered by many to be an outstanding model of Barcelona’s mixed style. I had the pleasure of working with them on the last album, “Amanece” (2011). This is a record carries the distinctive mark of the band: it is a fusion of Latin rhythm, Catalan rumba, reggae, ska and rock. The result of this is an album full of happiness, colour and rhythm. Costo Rico has given me the chance to perform around Catalonia, Spain and Europe.




Keyboard player
Eloi el Bon Noi is a pop music band with a contemporary structure and tremendously sordid lyrics..

2005 - 2012
Keyboard player
El Pèsol Feréstec is a Catalan pop-folk band. I greatly enjoyed the lengthy period of time I spend working with them. I collaborated in their first album recording “Fa temps que ho diem” (La Salseta Discos, 2011). In 2007 we were shortlisted for the Sona 9 competition. .


Keyboard player/composer

El Quartet del Pis de Dalt is a pop group from Barcelona that recorded their first album “Portes” in 2011.


Facebook El quartet del pis de dalt.


Musical director

Santiago Rusiñol and Manuel de Falla, a shared inspiration for the 100-year commemoration of “Amor Brujo”. A performance of theatre, music and digital art.



ocular Theatre staged the Broadway musical: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee in original version at the Institut d’Estudis Nord-Americans. Marc Bahamonde took up the role of musical director