It is not hard to compose, but what is fabulously hard is to leave the superfluous notes under the table. .

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) German composer


Festina Lente is the result of my Lakes. Lakes are those moments in which the waters coming from the river become calm, they rest. This pause allows them to go back to the everyday movement of the river. They stop so that they can go on.

Festina Lente tries not to play notes one too close to the other. It is the result of the moments I devote to myself in front of the piano. That is why it is an honest and transparent record, with no other ambition than expressing myself as I am.

Festina Lente is also a new tribute to Marcel, who is still one of my role models.


I hope I can convey thirteen broad brushstrokes of hope for a fairer world, one that can be trusted, but for which we must work and fight.

And thirteen broad brushstrokes of happiness, both personal and collective, based on love for life and for others, which I think should be the basis of society.

This album is dedicated with all the love in the world to Marcel, who is a role model for me.


Tsukuru is Creation, as indeed is the meaning of the word in Japanese. The record is a multidisciplinary artistic project in which poetry, in the form of a Haiku, photography, music and even philosophy essays are combined to create something new, a whole which is more than the sum of all its parts; in short: Tsukuru.

is a circus performance created by the artist Manel Rosés. In this handstand act we encounter a man, a ladder and a piano melody. Through music and the acrobat’s movements, the ladder takes us to places deep inside everyone’s imagination.
In 2015 “Escalat” was awarded the PREMI ZIRKÒLICA to the best circus act..
I feel honoured that Manel entrusted me with writing the music for his act; this has given me the opportunity to accompany him live on several occasions.